Fortnite Pleasant Park sheet music location and Pleasant Park piano location

The first two parts of this four-part challenge have you find the Sheet Music in Pleasant Park, and then play the Sheet Music at the Piano near Pleasant Park next.

1. Pleasant Park Sheet Music Location:

The Pleasant Park Sheet Music is located in a house in the north-east corner of the settlement. It’s the spooky-looking one, with a giant spider in the garden out the front.


The music is just inside in the room on the left, after going through a couple of doors.


Next up, playing the Pleasant Park Music at the piano.

2. Pleasant Park Piano location

The Piano near Pleasant Park isn’t far – naturally – but as we mentioned above you may need to first complete the round in which you found the music, before you can then play it at the Pleasant Park piano as the next stage of the challenge.

The piano is located near the top of the mountain just to the west of Pleasant Park – so just to the left of it as you look at the map.


The order you need to jump on the keys is: C, E, G, E, C.


Remember, all inputs on the piano count towards the ordering of the tune, so it might be best to let other people go first, or come back and try the challenge when things are a bit less busy. When you’ve done it, a notification will pop up in the left, and likewise the tune will play out automatically on the piano at full speed, to confirm you’ve succeeded.

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